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The Breakthrough

by Various Artists

  1. ElAKwents - Fantastical (Produced by DJ Q-ter)
  2. Apollo's Sun and The Boomjacks - At the Mirror
  3. Marc DeSouza ft Living Proof - Dear World
  4. ElAKwents - Peace is the Path (Produced by DJ Q-ter)
  5. Cyril Sneer - Equilibrium Libra (Produced by Boroda)
  6. Chucc Born Star - Human Symphony (Produced by Chucc Born Star)
  7. VX: Heaven's Assassin ft Mac the Rebel - Black Sabbath
  8. Dhark Chiti ft Killascripsha - Petrafied
  9. The Celestial Order - God Particle (Produced by Mac the Rebel)
  10. ElAKwents - Everything Is Fine [EL RMX]
  11. Irrefutable ft 3rd Chambah - Housing Trust Raised
  12. ElAKwents - Definition (Produced by DJ Q-ter)

El*A*Kwents Mix

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